The new parties involved in dollification was called “Owner”and you may “doll”; this is exactly like a king/slave or Dom/sandwich relationships

The new parties involved in dollification was called “Owner”and you may “doll”; this is exactly like a king/slave or Dom/sandwich relationships

”deFUNition”: A term utilized within ilove support glossary to point your pursuing the text is intended to own activity, not to be taken undoubtedly.

nappy companion (look for mature child): step one. One who clothing and you may/otherwise part plays the latest element of a baby otherwise infant. Excellent capital dos. Individual who possess wearing and you can/otherwise curing themselves for the diapers, instead always indulging for the role gamble.

punishment (get a hold of prize, punishment): Any hobby in which anyone trains another individual to do something otherwise respond during the a designated way, have a tendency to from the implementing tight rules out of make or because of the imposing abuse getting inability to do something regarding prescribed means.

dollification: the whole process of growing, psychologically and you may physically, on the a beneficial “living toy.” People that appeal this action-together with people who find themselves in the middle of the brand new process otherwise have previously attained an outcome-are called “dolls,” and more than focus as well to-be possessed.

Intellectual qualities out-of a toy tend to be but are not limited in order to: thrills of objectification and pure subservience, the root usually getting turned due to one’s individual and you can/or additional pushes into the a full time income toy, fundamentally, the capability to end up being/come across your self when you look at the a great dollific manner, that your doll will continuously strive to achieve and you will/otherwise increase.

Without all the that these innate services tend to embrace her or him, it does not changes that it’s part of whom they are by nature.

Prominent otherwise Dom: Person who exercises manage from inside the a good D/s relationship

Real faculties away from a model-inside the techniques otherwise complete-were but they are not limited in order to: corsets, stiletto pumps, leg highs/stockings, rubber/vinyl/plastic serves, clothing, skirts, makeup, etc. and every other looks adjustment. Long-hair in order to a shaved direct, A-cup to DD (and you may larger), one top, clothed or not, still to help you feisty-the new real attributes all are prior to each person doll and its fit into and you will reference to dollification.

In the course of time the right real facet of the model is set forward from the model in itself, a proprietor, otherwise a combination of both.

Note: It is important to know there isn’t any intention here so you’re able to degrade or fade this new doll-for example, as it may apparently certain, when comparing to the proprietor. People that are accustomed Yards/s or D/s matchmaking are aware of the inherent equivalence of these dating, paradoxical although it may seem. –

This might be a symbiotic dating: Yin and you may Yang

Domdrop: The newest Principal/Top’s exact carbon copy of “subdrop.” In short term, it’s an emotional standing caused by the fresh abrupt get rid of of adrenalin regarding intense Sado maso enjoy. It will reveal in a variety of emotional solutions, as well as rage or anxiety. It’s the reasoning aftercare is not just having subs/soles.

domestic (usually placed on a servant otherwise submissive): One to whose desires is to try to serve mainly given that a domestic, like in clean, cooking, powering a household. There’ll otherwise might not be sexual or any other bodily get in touch with mixed up in dating.

Are used for sometimes person Doms. (Pick Domina otherwise Domme more than. And come across Learn, Domme. Compare having Most useful, which often is the person who training handle for the good world, and you will whom might or might not feel a principal “fulltime”, otherwise may possibly not be the newest Dominating of the individual becoming managed from the scene.

Dominate: For strength and determine over the other individual. For the D/s, basically describes which have handle from inside the an electrical power replace dating. (Off Latin dominus: “Lord, Master.”)

doormat: Label as a result of “being went for the.” (1) A frequent vanilla view of the concept of entry. (2) A submissive who desires becoming handled once the unimportant, objectified, so you can suffice with little to no if any exhibiting regarding affection otherwise acceptance. Such a submissive will often love to become a servant or service-situated. Like a beneficial submissive may be very well fit and you can delighted contained in this role; yet not, they sel in the stress” having emotional and/otherwise self-picture facts.

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