Won’t they slaughter these giants?

Won’t they slaughter these giants?

Boareskyr Bridge are off by Soubar on the map

  • The fresh factions discuss the dragon hatchery off event step three into the Hoard and you will just what can be/need to have been completed with new dragon egg.
  • The new council provides the Personal computers a beneficial writ, providing them with “disaster investigative powers” and also offers the council “oversight” more their circumstances.
  • A noble entitled Dala Silmerhelve has a lot to say, as well as particular need this lady boxed texts try pass on around a series of pages. She discusses the fresh Draakhorn and Maccath the newest Crimson. Make use of the preferences text to the users 20, 24 and you may twenty five.
  • Leosin features discovered Varram the fresh White, person of one’s light dragon mask.

I found myself to begin with thinking about running The ocean regarding Moving Freeze earliest, but the far more We comprehend from episode step 3, the greater amount of I really like it.

Frostskimmer together with 40 Guards: Your PCs sail the sea on a boat searching for the dragon’s iceberg lair. There’s likely to be some encounters: 5 merrow, a few sea trolls (permitting me to use one of my favorite minis – the Pathfinder Sea Troll!) and a few squids. Think about the fact that you have 40 guards on the ship with an AC of 16, 11 hit points and a +3 to hit. Do you want to say they are all cowards, or that they are doing essential ship duties that prohibit them from fighting right away? Remember that according to the DMG, if NPCs join your PCs in a battle, they get an equal share of the XP.

Losing within the water: The cold water is bad news! Don’t forget! DC 12 CON save, fail means the PC is on the exhaustion track (which is a neat little table in the PH on page 291).

Brand new Dungeon Flooring is Colder: The slippery ice gimmick adds a lot to the dungeon, especially the upward and downward sloping that is all over the map. PCs will actually be glad they have climbers kits. Prepare yourself for a night full of people saying the word: “crampon”.

Maccath the new Dark red: Our mission is to snatch this wizard, Maccath the Crimson. She’s found fairly early in the dungeon. She wants the PCs to steal some books for her down below before leaving, but your PCs might just knock her out, charm her, or whatever. The adventure says that if the PCs snatch her and sail away on the boat, the dragon flies after them and that the PCs are pretty much sitting ducks on that boat against the dragon with it’s breath weapon that does 54 cold damage! Plan for the various outcomes. Maybe foreshadow the doom by having the PCs pass by a ship sunk by the dragon or something.

Boareskyr Bridge try off by the Soubar on the map

  • Freeze Vortex: An effective snowflake one explodes towards the a cool vortex, carrying out fireball-types of ruin.
  • Icemelt: An enchantment that produces tunnels and you can room out of ice with no melting otherwise runoff.
  • Wingbind: A web regarding force one aim one creature and suppress her or him regarding flying.

Frozen Palace: If you are going to run Frozen Castle, you might want to run it right after this chapter. The crashed castle is right here in the Spine of the World. The heroes need to be 10th or 11th level. Episode step three: Passing to the Wyrmspeakers (Varram)

The fresh new Journey out-of Waterdeep: Yep, we’re headed back down that caravan road again. You’re looking at a few weeks of travel. Take a look at page 181 in the Player’s Handbook. PCs traveling at a normal pace can cover 24 miles www.datingranking.net/nl/positievesingles-overzicht a day. We’re looking at about 2-3 weeks to go from Waterdeep to Boareskyr. Then it’s a few days from Boareskyr to the Serpent Hills.

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